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We are a modern-day creative company that creates and leverages media to tell your story, grow your influence and inform and connect with your audience.

Our Founder

Chase Ryan is a media producer with 15 years of experience in the industry and a degree in audio engineering from The Los Angeles Film School.

Our Story

From our founder: "Growing up in Germany my sister and I were homeschooled and would drive regularly to theater club and music lessons. Our mom would drive on the Autobahn parallel to the Rhein River and every time we passed any landmark she would make us recite the name and a personal fact about it. As I grew up the association between Art and the Rhein is still strongly embedded in my mind."

Our Services

We have three teams that all work collaboratively to bring your project to life.Audio:
Music Production, Location Sound, Sound Design, Post Production, Audio Restoration.
Videography, Photography, Editing, Motion Design
Podcast Production, Livestreams, Event Coverage and Social Media Content

Our Work

Post Production:We've done Dialog Recording, Editing, Music Editing, Mixing, and Composing on film & television for clients like Lionsgate, Disney, Grindstone, Lifetime, Mar Vista, Collins Avenue, EQtainment, and others.Music:We've done Writing, Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering for artists like Leona Lewis, Zach Callison, Blake Lewis Alyson Stoner, Lybecker, Josh Beech, Hudson Thames, Mdot, Fantasia, Olivia Somerlyn, Island Apollo, Dallas Lovato, Bella Thorne & IM5, Cady Groves, and many more.Podcasts:We've Recorded, Sound-designed, Edited, Mixed, Mastered, and distributed hundreds of podcast episodes for many long-running shows like; There You Are, Failed Save, One Time On The Internet, Trouble In Techberg, There You Are, Show Me The Meaning, The Maze, The Squanch, Respect Our Authritah, Willing And Fable, and more.


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